1. I see @imjuschris be taking pictures of me at work when im not paying attention…. im glad he knows what’s beautiful in life lol


  2. Mirror pics…. happy Monday ♥


  3. Yall have a nice night ;-)….. headed out


  4. Get a little free time…. then it’s a photo shoot!


  5. If you not gone take a picture with me you can be in the background without your consent


  6. Yes im gonna post selfies everyday… what else do I have to do after I get dressed for work #africanqueen #wellinmyhead #justfortoday


  7. #nofilter happy Monday. ….off 2 work :-)


  8. Late upload from Saturday …..


  9. Freshly washed and conditioned….. I been nice to her and hopefully she will be nice to me and look good for the week


  10. Bout to go kick it with my ppl ♥